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Common Questions

Required Permissions

Read & Send Messages

This should be fairly obvious - Wellness needs to be able to read commands and send them back at users..

Embed Links

Wellness primarily uses embeds to deliver images in messages. Without this ability, image commands won't work properly.

Attach Files

Some Wellness commands require the bot to attach image and audio files to the message. Without this ability, certain commands won't work properly.

Recommended Permissions

Manage Messages

Wellness has a setting for users, where it will delete the command message to clean the channel. In order to do this, the Manage Messages permission must be enabled on the server. However, this functionality is not required.

Send and receive images

Try a media command like 'cat', 'dog', or 'doughnut'.

Try searching for something

Try using the 'wiki' command to search for something.

Customize your settings

Check out both your personal user account settings and server-wide settings.

Still have questions, want to report a bug, or have feedback? You can take the survey here, join the support Discord here, or email me at [email protected]